Effectively reporting bug with WiFi hardware

I have a recent model HP notebook computer that uses Intel AX1650i chip for WiFi. I find a serious bug which is 100% reproducible in multiple Linux distributions. My interest in Fedora is the recent kernel versions present in Fedora release 32 and Fedora rawhide. I suspect that the fault is in the kernel, or perhaps the device driver for this chip.

Would it make sense to report this as a bug against Fedora 32 or rawhide? Or should I attempt to get some attention at kernel.org instead?

Since you have narrowed this down to the driver – if the driver is tied to the kernel then I would file a bug against the kernel (rawhide makes sense since that’s close to upstream).

once it’s fixed upstream, then you’ll want to open the bug to hopefully get such a blocker backported if it misses inclusion windows.

Here is my bug report: 1854518 – Intel AX1650i WiFi failure after suspend . I hope that someone looks at it!

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