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Since the role of Editor of the Week was introduced, it has been a success IMO with respect to consistency of coverage. I would like to start tracking this role and who is doing it when, with a simple published schedule right here. I propose we (editors) edit this post with the basic EOW information of “Who” and “When”. Please offer your opinions on this as I think it should be a Editorial Board decision.
My reasons are twofold …

  1. The Editor of the Week is known by those who missed that weeks meeting, without having to dig through the meeting minutes.
  2. The community of writers knows who is Editor of the Week when they need to reach out to an editor directly for one of their posts.

I don’t want to replace the current practice of posting the meeting minutes here, I just want a quick goto spot for those concerned to get the info without having to read meeting minutes.

Having a scheduled list seems fine to me. If someone can’t do a scheduled week, though, that could be a topic in editorial meetings and the revised schedule should be posted.

Hello Paul,
I should have explained my thoughts a bit better. I didn’t mean to schedule people for the role. I meant to post the EOW after they are selected (Name and start date - end date). I like the way we are volunteering for the role now. I thought it would make it easier for others to know who they can contact first if they have an issue with, for example an article they had written. Anyway, it may just be another little task that we can do without, especially if the perceived value is not there.

I have seen some problems where authors didn’t know who to contact for updates to their articles after publication. One in particular (I don’t remember who) just @-mentioned everybody they could think of. I think that created a problem where nobody responded because everybody thought somebody else would take care of it. :stuck_out_tongue:

I wonder if a “@editor” account could be set up in Taiga that the editor of the week could set to their own email address when they have the role? Then we could tell people to use that to contact the current week’s editor.

Just a thought.

Oh, I see, sorry. Still, I agree it’s a good idea. :+1:

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Hi Paul, no need to be sorry, I wrote it after a full day of comparing technical spec’s on different PLC products for a customer then making a quote for the ones they want to use.

So, any editoral board members willing to be EOW this week, or am I the defacto EOW until next week?

I didn’t realize we didn’t have one from the end of last meeting! I can’t do it this week unfortunately. But maybe someone else has time?

Sorry Steve, I’m probably going to be burning the midnight oil several days this week trying to get things ready for the start of the school year. I won’t be able to make Wednesday’s meeting.

Yeah I figured you would be as busy as a one armed paper hanger right now. Sorry you can’t make the meeting

I’m going to be unavailable this week for the same reason (I assume) that Paul won’t be available.

Certainly I can do it for now, but it would be great if someone was willing to do run the meeting on Wednesday.

So I have been looking into a schedule that reflects the magazines current WIP plus the EOW. I had started a markdown document and as I was filling in the gantt chart I was cognizant of the fact this would rapidly become onerous on the editorial board members if automation of some kind was not put in place. Searching for an API or API’s that would connect to the various locations we have our info on such matters stored is where I am currently at. I am thinking fedora-messaging api, but would like some feedback from the board members about this aspect. @asamalik already has some done with the container used for generating the proposed and accepted schedule during our meetings, perhaps expanding this is the right place to look. Ideally, I would like to include what gets proposed here, or as an issue on our Pagure instance, what is in spec/progress/review/edit/queue/schedule on Taiga, and the Editor of the Week. Any thoughts?

Today’s meeting was ended due to lack of quorum. Anyone willing to step up for next week?

Hello @bcotton,
Sorry I missed this mornings meeting. I can do Editor of the Week next week. Unless of course someone else is really itching for the role. That would be Oct 18 - 24.

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I expect to have some extra free time between now and late November. I can do some editing over the next several weeks. See you at the next meeting. :slightly_smiling_face: