DVDStyler suddenly stopped working

I am on Fedora 36. I have been using DVDStyler for some time. Recently (since 5th September) DVDStyler has developed a fault: When I try to drag videos into the DVD project, DVDStyler crashes. I notice that DVDStyler itself has not been updated in the last 10 days, so, presumably, one of its dependencies might have changed - but I would not know which.
How might I get back to a working version of DVDStyler?

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Please read #start-here and have a look to the ReportingBugs - RPM Fusion if you find already a solution or a information whats the status of it.

Problem was caused by wxsvg version 1.5.24

I have downgraded to 1.5.23 and all works.

The nice people at RPM Fusion are aware.