During boot Fedora 36 frozen after mount sysroot


I am using a notebook dell inspiron with a Fedora 36 new instalation in a SSD Kingston of 250 Gb. And during two times, while booting the system frozes in the screen showed in the figure in attachment. After more than 10 minutes and nothing happens (the keyboard is responsible because it is possible to activate the Caps Lock but no one shortcut shows any effect) I push the power button shutdown the notebook, and turning it on the system boot normally.

I’ve made some google search about the issues and dont found anything similar, because of this decide to post here if someone can point me in the direction of a solution.

Thank you very much

It looks like it was running fsck on your filesystem. This can take a while depending on a number of factors, but it’s best to let that run as it is trying to repair a filesystem that wasn’t cleanly unmounted. If you continue to see it, your SSD might need to be replaced. It’s a good idea to run a SMART test once it’s back up sudo smartctl -a /dev/sda (or /dev/nvme0, whichever is your OS disk).

Looks like occasionally it can’t find the root filesystem. Sounds similar to this issue

We’re about 3-4 weeks for Fedora to rebase to kernel 5.19. If you want to try it now you can skip down to the section “optional but recommended” about 3/4 down this response, where I describe how to install rawhide kernels.


Thank you very much. If it happen again I will do the SMART test I dont think the SSD could be the problem because it is very new.

I will wait for the rebase, I am running out of time to reinstall something now, finishing my thesis (and also making a lot of backups). Thank you very much for the help.