Duply no longer working on Fedora 39

I updated to Fedora Linux 39 and duply no longer works.
I run duply home status and get greeted by

Start duply v2.5.1, time is 2023-11-08 10:07:42.

Sorry. A fatal ERROR occured:

The installed version 1.2.3 is incompatible with duply v2.5.1.
You should upgrade your version of duplicity to at least v2.1.0 or
use the older duply version 2.4.3 from https://duply.net.

Any suggestions what to do?

Report a bug against duply

What do they mean with “version 1.2.3”? Version of duplicity ?

I guess they mean that the currently installed version of duplicity (which is 1.2.3) is incompatible with duply 2.5.1.

Thanks, I will report the bug.

I would file a bug against duplicity package as its out of date it seems.
Current upstream is 2.1.4 the 1.2.4 is 9 months old it seems.

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Quick update, new version of duplicity has been released few hours ago. Do upgrade and enjoy peace of mind of having backups again.

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pushed to stable without testing/ feedback, that’s never good.


I raise 2251061 – Unexpect dependency python3-setuptools_scm installed on upgrade from 1.2.3 to 2.1.4 as I think its not supposed to install python3-setuptools_scm as a dependency.

About to start testing…
… working with out need to change any config so far.

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