Duplicated Icons in Favorites Bar

I’m manually adding an icon for X-Plane 11 to the Favorites bar using the Main Menu app. I did this by using

‘/home/Jim/X-Plane 11/X-Plane-x86_64’

as the command in the little Launcher Properties window, and then right clicking and selecting “Add to Favorites” when it appears in the menu with all the other applications. The resulting icon works to launch X-Plane. However, when the sim is running, a second blank X-Plane icon appears on Favorites bar instead of a dot appearing under the icon to denote that that program is running as is the case for all the other icons. Anybody know how I can fix this? Thanks.

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:heart: for playing X-Plane on Fedora!

is this just a script that starts the actual application?

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The issue is that the X-Plane script in your home directory is not the executable used to run X-Plane. The dock/panel is showing that you started the script and then that another executable was started and is also being shown in the dock/panel.

Is there a X-Plane icon in the Activities list that is launchable as well?

In I’m with Florian, thanks for playing X-Plane on Fedora (which I hold as the superior flight sim experience)!

Looks like you were right about the executable in the X-Plane folder launched by the icon being merely the launcher for the actual simulator.

The only X-Plane icon that appears in the Activities list is the one I manually created, X-Plane didn’t create one when it installed. When X-Plane installs, it all lands in

/home/Jim/X-Plane 11

which contains the X-Plane-x86_64 executable to launch it.
The blank icon that shows up in the dock doesn’t show up in the Activities list, though.

Is there a way to directly launch the sim from the icon without going through a secondary launcher program to get the dock to behave normally? I’m having sort of the same issue with Caja.

I really appreciate your replies.

I think you could do something like this:

  1. copy an existing /usr/share/applications/application.desktop file
  2. edit the names of the app, and app path (the actual location of the executable) and icon path accordingly.
  3. save it as XPlane.desktop

(I’m not at a Fedora box at the moment so locations may vary.)

As found here: How to create an app launcher/app shortcut in Gnome Shell? - Ask Ubuntu

I’ll give that a try as soon as I get back to my machine.