Dual Monitors in Fedora 30

I recently swtiched from Pop OS to Fedora. Was told I might get better support with my Radeon 5700. As I was getting a screen tearing issue. I was also informed that I should not need to install the driver directly from the AMD website. Not sure if that is the case or not. Any way I cant seem to get my second monitor to work. I mgiht be adding a 3rd monitor at some point and would like to get this squared away.

On a more personal note. I have used Windows 3.11 to Windows 10. I have very limited Linux experience, I switch from Windows 10 because its utter garbage. Im just looking for an OS that doesnt break if you look at it the wrong way. So if you could please bare with me and speak to me like you would a small child.

Great to hear you’ve switched from Windows 10 to PopOS to Fedora, apparently. :smiley:

As far as I read your post, your second monitor is just black? Or what happens/does not happen?
I guess we’d need a little more details and possibly screenshots of what is shown, e.g. in the GNOME control center (settings) for “screens”. Is the second one displayed there, etc.?

Hey there, and welcome to the world of Fedora!

You shouldn’t need any external AMD drivers for this. The proprietary drivers on their site are not needed nowadays and also are designed for Long-Term Support distros (i.e. they run very badly on Fedora).

Now, what Fedora version are you running? If you’re on on the Fedora 31 beta, you should try using that; this GPU is very new, and full support wasn’t available until Linux kernel 5.3 and Mesa 19.2, both of which are in the Fedora 31 beta but not in Fedora 30 yet.

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So I figtured out that I needed Kernel 5.3 and I had to update Mesa. Though I ended up swtiching again to Ubutnu as thats where I found the info. I know Ubutnu type of OS’s a bit better as I use it on my Plex server. But now that I know what Kernel I need, that makes things simpler. As I still am using Ubutnu 18.04, but I have updated the Kernel and Mesa, so now things work. Though I will keep Fedora in mind for when I buy a new laptop, because I WONT ever use Windows unitl Microsoft pulls it head out of its rear. To be honest, I never see that happening.

For the record was using Fedora 30, as I wanted a LTS OS, as I dont like having to resintall yearly. If I wanted that Id still be using Windows 10.

FWIW Fedora isn’t an LTS distro by any means, but upgrades are usually pretty simple.

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