Dual monitor glitch in Gnome F39

As I booted the workstation live cd on my laptop and connected my external monitor, I got a glitch:

My notebook is an AMD Ryzen 5 5600H with radeon graphics (RX Vega 7). It also has a nvidia card but I wasn’t using it on the live cd. The issue happens as well after install, and on silverblue too. I would like to file a bug report or something else but I’m new to Fedora, I don’t know where or how to do this.

Edit: doesn’t happen on KDE, I am currently running Kinoite 39

Problems with external monitors for laptops with an nvidia dGPU are often a result of not installing the nvidia drivers from rpmfusion.

Design of many laptops has the dGPU controlling the external video and the iGPU controlling the laptop screen so a suitable driver for the dGPU is required. The default nouveau driver that is supplied with fedora does not ever provide hardware acceleration for graphics, and also does not support some of the newer GPUs.

I suggest you follow the instructions here to install the nvidia drivers. Step 8 is only required if you are using xorg and not the default wayland DE.

In spite of the title, the only extra thing in that doc to make the nvidia driver primary is step 8. Otherwise it applies perfectly for installing the nvidia drivers.

I am able to use both monitors, on extended screen and only secondary monitor, and get good fps on games and fluid desktop animations without installing nvidia, so using my integrated amdgpu. Also I’m using wayland, and this only happens on wayland with amdgpu on gnome.