Dual boot with Microsoft Windows 11: Workaround for two bugs in Fedora 37 Everything installer


The first OS to be installed is Microsoft Windows 11 with default settings (read: Bitlocker encryption)

If you try to install Fedora 37 Everything (Fedora-Everything-netinst-x86_64-37-1.7.iso) next, the installer will encounter two issues. They are:

  1. It is unable to encrypt your custom partitions with luks2. The installer will just reset your choice to unencrypted partitions.

  2. In the “Software Selection” page, the DONE button does not work. In this page, there is no ABORT or CANCEL button at all. I had to press the power off key on my keyboard to switch off my machine.


A. If you are using an SSD or PCIe NVMe SSD, erase it with Parted Magic or your preferred software.

B. Install Fedora 37 Everything as the first OS. You will be able to encrypt your partitions with luks2.

C. Launch the Microsoft Windows 11 installer. During installation, you need to specify in MB the size that you wish to allocate to the OS, for example 102 400 MB. Rest assured that Microsoft Windows installer will not mess with Fedora’s partitions. The installer will create a 16MB reserved partition out of 102 400 MB. Press Next to continue with the installation.

After installing Microsoft Windows, remember to go to UEFI Settings to choose Fedora as the first boot option.

After booting into Fedora 37, remember to update grub.

Reboot your machine and an entry called Windows Boot Manager will appear after Fedora’s entries. You will be able to boot into Microsoft Windows without any issues.

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I just posted a question about this. I am going to delete it if I can now that I saw your post. So in short, I have to install Fedora first. Right?
I do have a few more follow up questions please:
I now only have a recovery media for my Windows. I guess I should make a installation media also.
My other question is if you can help me more details on what to do after I install Fedora. I need a bit more details.
Also can I do all of this with the current version 39? I saw a post about someone using the beta and running into some issues.


I’m sorry for replying to you so late because I seldom log into this forum.

Are you still facing issues relating to dual boot with Microsoft Windows 11?

This is an Old thread, If a user is having issues with Dual Booting the right thing to do would be for them to open a New thread.

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Thank you the reply. It is working for me. I am sorry I did not send an update.