Dual Boot / Overwritting old F31 install with 32

Hi, i have a been a simple Linux user for quite some years now (as a c/c++ dev), but i never really went to the point of being what we can call a power user, i have still a lot to learn.

first of all i have 3 storage devices :

  • An Nvme SSD where my windows is. 250GB
  • A 1TB SATA SSD used for storing my applications and data
  • An additiona 1TB this time on a hard-drive and this is where i installed my Fedora 31(i know right :sweat_smile:)

Not too long ago a redid a clean install of windows 10, i have installed it with legacy mode and i wanted to convert to UEFI but the tool couldn’t do it hence the clean reinstall.

Next i installed Fedora 31 next to it on a separate drive. and recently (less than a week) i wanted to upgrade to 32 since i had kernel problems with my F31 install due to something i did when trying to install nvidia proprietary drivers, so it made sence to go for a clean install of 32.

The problem is since then , i can’t boot to my windows 10. i thought that it is related to GRUB2 since it’s the loader, i tried to read the documentation but yeah i’m still new to these subjects.

When i use:

sudo os-prober

I get nothing back , and when running :

sda 8:0 0 931,5G 0 disk
├─sda1 8:1 0 529M 0 part
├─sda2 8:2 0 600M 0 part /boot/efi
├─sda3 8:3 0 16M 0 part
├─sda4 8:4 0 730,9G 0 part
├─sda5 8:5 0 1G 0 part /boot
└─sda6 8:6 0 198,4G 0 part
├─fedora_localhost–live-root00 253:0 0 70G 0 lvm /
├─fedora_localhost–live-swap00 253:1 0 7,9G 0 lvm [SWAP]
└─fedora_localhost–live-home00 253:2 0 120,5G 0 lvm /home
sdb 8:16 0 931,5G 0 disk
├─sdb1 8:17 0 16M 0 part
└─sdb2 8:18 0 931,5G 0 part
nvme0n1 259:0 0 232,9G 0 disk
└─nvme0n1p1 259:1 0 232,9G 0 part

from what i read in multiple threads, i should be seeing my other “/boot/efi” for "windows 10.

So here i am trying to boot back to my windows 10 as soon as possible but also trying to understand the issue and learn about GRUB and linux in general.

Thank you for your help in advance :slight_smile: !