Dual boot Linux Mint and Fedora 35

Hi guys, currently I’m booting Linux Mint and Windows. I want to dual boot Mint and Fedora instead.
I already changed/erased the windows partitions so my current partition is:
sda1 37.2G (for / in fedora)
sda2 97.9G (for /home in fedora)
sda3 /boot/efi 100M
sda4 / 97.7G

sdc1 /home 2.7T

So if I want to dual-boot Mint and Fedora 35, what partition scheme should I make?

Do I just mount sda3 in /boot/efi when installing Fedora 35? How/where do I install the bootloader for Fedora?


You can create a /boot of 1024mb partition for bootloader.

Nice, that went without a hitch. Thank you, Martin!