Dual boot install failure: cannot see system HD, mouse unavailable

Have a brand new Acer Spin 5 - 16 GB RAM, 512 GB SSD.
Fedoro ISO dvd loads fine, but no touchpad mouse access. (Had to use USB Logitech mouse). Then, the SSD is not to be found, so the install is blocked.

I had previously shrunk the Win10 partition and left plenty of storage for Linux, which I then formatted.

Secure boot is disabled. Optane memory is not enabled. Fast boot is disabled.
What can I do to get this install going?

New laptop. Does the bios happen to have raid enabled? On the newer Dells there have been problems seeing the SSD because the default is to have raid enabled. Acer may be the same. The fix was to switch to AHCI.

Thanks for the quick response.

My error in not mentioning that - RAID was disabled by default.

I’m running out of theories for the failure…

UPDATE: I have found the solution to get the SSD to appear here:

I will return to the Fedora install later this week.

UPDATE: Fedora installed and running. It won out over other contenders because it alone had my laptop’s sound working perfectly. Lovely system, too. Very happy with it.

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