Dual boot Fedora31 and SilverBlue Fedora31

I’ve been running silverblue for almost a year now, and really like it. No complaints at all. Community has been awesomely responsive. However, work is pushing down some policies, and looks like I’ll need to run vanilla Fedora31. I’m wondering if anyone has a dual boot setup with Fedora31 and Silverblue? Any gotchas/caveats before I give it a whirl?

This is how I am dual booting Fedora and Silverblue 34:

Requirement: UEFI booting, GPT disk layout

High level steps:

  1. Install Silverblue first
  • sda1 EFI
  • sdb2 boot
  • sdb3 btrfs FS_TREE, with subvols
  • rootsb as /
  • home as /var/home
  1. Boot with Fedora Installation Media
  • once the GUI is up, switch to text console, mount /dev/sda1 (EFI), rename EFI/fedora to EFI/sb
  1. Install Fedora using the following layout
  • /dev/sda1 as /boot/efi, do not format
  • create new subvols in /dev/sda3
  • boot, for boot volume
  • rootfwks as /
  • mount home as /home
    Proceed to install
  1. After reboot, create EFI boot entry for Silverblue by using efibootmgr
    sudo efibootmgr -c -d /dev/sda -l "EFI\sb\shix64.efi" -L Silerblue -p 1 -v

  2. Use efibootmgr to choose which EFI entry to boot from:
    efibootmgr -n <boot number> for next boot, or
    `efibootmgr -o ,

Or, we can use the Boot Menu of the UEFI interface to choose booting Fedora or Silverblue.