Dropbox integration in nautilus

Hi, total fedora newbie here… Really appreciate the effort to develop this distro and am excited to try it out.

I installed dropbox using flatpak on fedora 32 workstation and need it for work. I would like to see whether my folders sync or not in nautilus.

In Ubuntu I used to install nautilus-dropbox using the terminal and I think it took care of it. Using dnf there is no such package. I couldn’t find any solutions on other internet threads. Does anyone have a suggestion or solved this problem? Any help would be much appreciated!

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Enable the the RPM Fusion repositories and install the package:

sudo dnf install nautilus-dropbox

Note that nautilus-dropbox also installs dropbox, so you may need to remove the flatpak version.

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Thanks so much, that worked!

  1. I enabled the RPM Fusion repositories 2) deinstalled the flatpak dropbox version 3) installed nautlius-dropbox 4) reboot.

I also enabled the the following gnome extension to see the icon: KStatusNotifierItem/AppIndicator Support

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