Drivers USB type-C replicator

My first post here.
I try to find drivers for a USB type-C replicator 2 (Replicator) from Fujitsy for a Fedora 36 installation on my Lenovo Lenovo ideapad 320-15IKB. That is because It did not work out of the box. The Replicator was not connected when I installed Fedora.

After I attached the laptop to the Replicator, the laptop got its power from the usb-C connection. :slight_smile:
I would like to get the two monitor to work via the Replicator. The laptop has a usb 3.1 gen 3 port. I don’t know for sure but it should work.
Can I add some repositories and install the right drivers or should I just forget about it?

edit: I thought it got it’s power from the Replicator but it doesn’t. :frowning: