Drivers for 2 GPUs in same machine

A computer has two GPUs.
The onboard one is a C61 [GeForce 6100 nForce 405] /NV106
The one at the PCIExpress slot is a GeForce GT 710
Through BIOS, PCIExpress is selected as primary graphics adapter.
But Settings show the onboard GeForce drivers as the working ones.

Can I install the GT 710 drivers?
Won’t they create conflict with the 6100 ones?

The computer is being updated.
The GT 710 GPU was recently installed.
Then SATA HDD was checked with badblocks and Fedora 32 was installed as operating system.

Hey, are you using the open source (nouveau) or proprietary (nvidia) drivers? I don’t know off-hand about the former, but the latter probably won’t work - if you check the list of supported cards or the legacy driver page, then the GeForce 6100 nForce 405 requires the legacy 304.xx driver version which doesn’t support the 710, while the GT 710 requires the current driver which doesn’t support the 6100. To my knowledge you cannot install both simultaneously, so you’ll have to pick which card you want to use.

The 304-series driver you’ll have to get from NVidia directly, the current one is available through RPM Fusion’s non-free repository.

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Nouveau or Nvidia.
Settings showed the onboard GeForce 6100 was using the Nvidia drivers.

After some researching I followed the instructions shown here

The Nvidia drivers for the GeForce GT 710 were properly installed and my computer works smoothly.

After that there is now an Nvidia icon on the GNOME menu that shows details on the graphic setting.
I have another computer based on an ASUS M2A-VM mobo with a similar issue.
The PCIe card is a GeForce 210 and I found out it also has 1 GB memory.

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Glad it works. Are you now using both cards or just the GT710?

As it shows, only the GT 710 on the PCIe slot is working.
Image shows on two screens.
One connected to de DVI port, the other to the VGA.

Settings allow to configure images on both screens.

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