Drawing Tablet Settings after Update not avaliable anymore

Im not sure if its a gnome specific Topic. My Huion Tablet is working perfectly fine in different Linux Distros.

In Fedora its working too, but after i install some Updates, the “wacom” Settings Section shows only “No Tablet connectet”. To make it clear, its still working normal, but i cant change any settings, what i need to do…

Any suggestions?

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Is this Huion tablet Wacom compatible?

Please see if this information helps you:

Hey… :slight_smile:
Yes. It is a Huion 1060Plus and it is supported by the libwalcom library.
It works fine, but it seems that the GUI doesn’t notice that. Again, before the update I could configure the graphics tablet in the same place without any problems. Isn’t there a file somewhere where I can set things manually? I can’t find that file either, sorry, I’m quite a beginner…

EDIT: I was wrong. Its not native supported by Libwalcom. First, i thought libwalcom is the driver itself, but its not. I have to realize that I just don’t have a clue and I don’t want to be the graphics tablet driver expert of the week right now, I just want this thing to run and I can get on with my work…Sorry… :smiley:

Never give up… :wink: some of what I wrote so far was garbage. Here again an update. No guarantee that this is all correct now.

The tablet is not operated with the wacom lib, but under wayland via libinput. When I use the command libinput List devices I get the following message: The command “Libinput List devices” shows “event15 - HID 256c:006e Touch Strip: libinput bug: missing tablet capabilities: pen btn-stylus resolution. Ignoring this device.
event16 - HID 256c:006e Dial: libinput bug: missing tablet capabilities: pen btn-stylus resolution. Ignoring this device.”

Any ideas? I don’t even need to get the GUI settings back, a solution via the terminal, like i can configure libinput settings manually, would be enough for me