Drawing tablet recommendations

I’ve been doing some bad mech art recently. Drawing on the computer is just not something I’m able to do well. So I draw on paper, scan it in, and they trace over it. It works but makes me wonder if it might be easier to use a drawing tablet. I’ve never used one and no idea how well supported they are under gimp.


I’ve used Wacom, works great. Cheaper options work as well, but you’ll need to do a bit more research about those.

I second this. My wife uses a Wacom and hers works out of box on Fedora.

Purchased a Wacom One. I tried drawing the dire bear from 4th edition Dungeons and Dragons.

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I have an older Wacom intuos ctl-480 that i got for 70€ back in 2013ish. These days i would probably recommend getting one of those intuos S models as a starting point.

These days i happen to use a drawing laptop i got but that is way too much of an expensive investment for anyone to make.

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I just followed a How to Draw Manga book to try to make a female character. I’m not good at humans but I managed to get a reasonable result. Only the original pose is from the book. I went a different direction for the clothes.

Layoffs finally caught me. Rather than update my resume I spent yesterday drawing a mech. The Wacom One is really nice. I’ve also found it to be a nicer way of using roll20.

Hey, Dennis!

I use the Gaomon PD1561 on Fedora for work. I use it more for annotating LibreOffice slides, as I’m a technical trainer, but it’s really, really amazing. And it’s $231.19 right now! Amazon.com

The only rub is, you have to set up the DIGIMend drivers (DIGImend - Drivers), but they’re really not hard to set them up. I hassled with it for maybe an hour, and it was pretty straightforward.

If it helps, my team did a pretty extensive analysis of pen tablets for several months and chose the Gaomon. I know about 60 people who have them, and I’ve never heard of any issues with them.

Hope this is helpful!

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First rhino person mimics the deviant art rhino person I found. I then put him in conquistador garb.

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Everyone needs a tek megatherium too bad Ark: Survival Evolved haven’t realized that yet.

Finally looked up how to turn on pressure sensitivity in gimp. If you go to Edit->Input Devices, you can enable “xwayland-tablet stylus”. (Obviously it probably has a different name if you aren’t using wayland.) Once enabled the “Dynamics” setting in Tool Options takes effect. You can choose from a large variety of options.

I used “Pressure Size” on this image. It allowed me to make thinner lines for eyebrows without have to manually adjust the pencil size. (Easier to see before the image is scaled down.)

Can you identify the character?

Tentacle kitties on an adventure.

sorry for the half a year late response.

I can’t recommend “how to draw anime” books.
I recommend going to the basics of art.

You can find books by andrew loomis for free on the internet. I think they are public domain because they are provided for free but I have no idea(books are from 1920s so IDK).

I also recommend a Youtube by the name of Proko.