Downgrades are available instead of updates

When searching for updates, older versions of Evince, Clocks and Logs are available from Fedora Registry instead of newer ones.

The strange thing is that when checking their individual pages, Gnome Software shows that the latest versions of these flatpaks that are available from Fedora Registry are the newer ones that I already have installed, meaning that Evince is 3.36.1, Clocks is 3.36.2 and Logs is 3.36.0.

hi Vala,
i had a similar issue today, but with the actual system: the Software app was trying to downgrade Fedora Silverblue to a version prior to the one i already had installed, and was asking me to enable downgrades in terminal…
i just ran rpm-ostree update in terminal and that updated the system to today’s latest release instead of downgrading it.
perhaps it’s something fishy going on with Software? it’s the first time i see this happen.