Downgrade back to F35?


I have upgrade to F36 in my Holidays and was happy with it, until i had to work with it again.
The biggest problem is that my VPN stopped working.

Is there an easy way to just go back to F35 or do i need to explain my VPN Problems to you?

Maybe this is indicative for you:

Feel free to open a thread in about this and explain your issue there. We will be happy to help.

Regards from Bonn :wink:

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If you happen to have a btrfs snapshot of your root file system, I think rolling back to that should work. But that is a big “if” and even then I don’t think there are any guarantees. That said, I’ve done such a rollback before and had no problems. But I have everything except /home and /boot on a single root file system and I manually cleaned up /boot after the rollback (I deleted the “future” entries and kernels).

Depending on how you organized your data, re-installing Fedora is possibly not a big issue as well: you can re-use your home partition, and also other non-system data partitions. Just mount them in the installation wizard with the same path but without formatting the partition(s). In this case, you just have to re-install your applications (which is easy and fast if you only use dnf). Configurations are usually stored in home directories, so they would “survive” as well. Those in /root may be copy-pasted to save time (just check in advance if there had been any change during the upgrade, although this is rare). The same for individual /etc configurations you want to keep (but here it is more likely that the upgrade caused changes; so use only individual configs you adjusted for respective applications, and check if the upgrade caused changes). You can use your home dir to store the two directories during the installation stage. But for everything further I suggest to go to ask.fedora which is intended for such support.

Be aware that you will have to tackle this issue anyway at some point! Fedora 35 will go end of life in about 6 months! Therefeore, I suggest to stick with F36 and open a thread in ask.fedora to get your VPN working again.

First of all, thank you for your kind replies. You are absolutely right, I better solve my problem now because Fedora 35 will soon reach the end of its life. So now I will explain my VPN problems on

I too easily mix up and, sorry for that.

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No problem, it happens a lot, to the point that we will probably will merge both platforms here in discussion.