Double Swap Partition

When I installed Fedora 38 Gnome, I created some partitions manually, including a 6GB Swap partition, that was the total amount of Swap memory I wanted, however I was checking my partitions, and there are 2 Swap partitions currently on my device, the that I created manually (6GB) and another, named zram0 that has 8GB, I did not configure this one in any way, I suppose it was an automatic allocation of Swap memory by Fedora, both partitions (the one I created and the other) Do they have the same function? You recommend that I delete the partition that I created, if my goal was to have 6GB of Swap memory and not 14GB as I currently have, it does not bother me to delete the Swap memory that I created manually taking into account that apparently the Swap memory allocated in the partition zram0 has better performance and integration than the manually created partition, also 8GB would be fine, in case if I am understanding things correctly, how can I delete the partition that I created manually or reduce its size?, also it is convenient because 14GB of Swap It exceeds my amount of RAM (12 GB) and is not a good practice, even less so considering that the use I give to my PC is quite simple and I do not use a lot of RAM.

On Fedora, swap is configured automatically using zram:
Changes/SwapOnZRAM - Fedora Project Wiki

Swap on zram serves the same goal as disk swap, but works faster.
Disk swap is considered detrimental on a typical desktop setup.

You can disable and stop it like this:

sudo sed -i -e "/\sswap\s/s/^/#/" /etc/fstab
sudo swapoff /path/to/swap
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I have already deleted the partition, however it remains as free space, I have the gnome disk manager and the gparted tool installed, however I want to assign the free space to the root directory, here I have 2 questions;

  1. If the partition is mounted and in use, is there a problem if I stop or perform the space allocation while it is mounted? I really don’t want to damage my device since it is running directly and not in an emulator like a virtual machine can be.

  2. Partitions like /var /home are attached to the root partition as if it were a single partition (as a set), so how do I do if I want to add the free space to a specific partition, for example / or /home , already Since each partition (/, /var, /home) does not appear explicitly, I do not really know where it is assigned if I add the free space to the root set

It depends on your partition layout, root filesystem, and whether you are using LVM or not.
In general case, online operations on partitions and modern native filesystems are limited to expansion using adjacent unallocated space following after it, otherwise you need to boot a live session, then rearrange and resize it offline.

Hello, I ask you directly because you know a little about the connection of the actions I have done, including when I manually added the key to work virtualbox with the secure boot activated among other things, when starting now I see the following error in the security section:
Captura desde 2023-10-10 15-04-56

I really want to fix this problem I don’t want to be thinking that I have some kind of malicious code in the kernel of my device

attached image the kernel boot entries I currently have

Captura desde 2023-10-10 15-10-41