Domain name registration / webhost provider recommendation wanted

I’m looking for a domain name registrar, in California or UK. I was burned by GoDaddy previously, so I want to stay away from the really big providers. I also hate the ‘discount’ that most are offering - I just want a nice team that will answer questions / problems if they arise - at a fair price. Redhat / Fedora host would also be great but not required.

I use as my registrar and to host a fedora droplet VM that is running apache httpd to serve my web sites.
They both work well for my needs. I am UK based.

Thanks Barry,
Digital Ocean offers Fedora VMs under their ‘Droplets’.

That was great of them. I have been updating my VM using dnf system-upgrade since I first went live a few yeats ago.

All the management I do over ssh.

Oh and the costs are small $7.20 inc tax a month.