Does LibreOffice Calc BASIC Editor crash in other desktops in Spins when resize Watches Panel and Call Stack Panel?

I am using Fedora 31 KDE Desktop Spins and I reported This Bug. Does this bug occur in other desktop Spins?

Hello @afdrnk
Doesn’t happen to me on GNOME, but take also into account that I’m on :fedora: 31.

I’m also using Fedora 31, I’m afraid that I have to make a U-Turn to GNOME.
I don’t like the screen desktop that looks like the smart phone. :pensive:

Anybody else using Cinnamon, XFCE, LxQt, and MATE ?

And how would you see the option of flatpak

Maybe can be an alternative


Whoops, I misread.

However, I installed KDE in a virtual machine and Calc doesn’t crash as well.

Tools → Macros → Edit macros → resize the panels, right?

It would be useful if other KDE users try that and report the result. Anyone?

Yes, they are ‘Watches’ Panel and ‘Call Stack’ Panel located at the bottom of the IDE. By default, they are so big and I don’t like to use it, so I reduced their size by resizing them down to the border at the bottom. When they reached the minimum height, LibreOffice Calc and LibreOffice BASIC IDE crashed.

From this Flatpak page, I have to downloaded(1) already. How can I install the Flathub repository file in Fedora 31 KDE Desktop Spins ?

According to the website if you do double-click in the file this will be open by Discover (in your case because you are using KDE, in my case it was open by gnome-software) After I did a reboot (maybe log out-in works also orkilling the app and reloading it should work too, reboot is the best simple thing ) and after rebbot I could see the applications in the “app store” in your case would be Discover (KDE) and I can choose install them from fedora or from flathub choosing the font of installation. But also you can install and load the apps with the command/s indicated in the site.


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  1. From this advice,
    $ sudo dnf install flatpak
  2. Open downloaded Flathub repository file with Discover,
  3. And install,
  4. Reboot Fedora, that’s OK. LibreOffice Calc and LibreOffice BASIC Editor/IDE does not crash.
    Thank you.
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