Does Fedora provide a shrink volume similar to Windows?


In the Windows operating system, you can freely adjust the partition size as long as you enter disk management.

When shrinking a partition, you don’t even need to unmount it first. Does Fedora provide similar graphical partition adjustment software?

Windows shrink partition example like:


If you’re on GNOME, there is the GUI utility called Disks (gnome-disks), which comes preinstalled on Fedora Workstation.


Regardless of a graphical frontend app, whether or not a partition or volume can be shrunk online (i.e. while being mounted) depends in large parts on its file system – as far as I know, XFS can’t be shrunk at all, ext4 can only be shrunk offline and btrfs can be shrunk while mounted.


Tnank you for your reply.

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I can confirm by testing that btrfs can be shrunk while mounted.

For ext4 Fedora’s live USB could be used.

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