Does Fedora Need Simplyfied Chinese Docs Contribution?

I always use Fedora and I’m Chinese. I want to contribute some Simplyfied Chinese version docs, so I may ask this first.

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The procedure is to first write docs in English, then localize them to other languages.
Localization is not done by the Docs team,
there is Fedora Localization for this.
I am not involved with them,
so I am not 100 % sure what is the best way to get involved.
Maybe you can find instructions and contact information in the their Wiki page?


OK I get it. Thanks for ur reply.

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Most of the Localization team are active on the mailing list. You can introduce yourself over there to connect with other members.
You can also start contributing right away on the translation platform. A quick documentation is available: How to use Weblate :: Fedora Docs
Documentation related projects starts with fedora-docs-l10n.

Welcome to the team :slight_smile:

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I used co-op translate website, such as Transifex. I think it’s not hard for me.