Does Fedora CoreOS include KVM?

Does somebody know if KVM is included in Fedora CoreOS? I was wondering because OKD supposingly runs on FCOS and supports KubeVirt which needs KVM. However I initially thought that FCOS did not include KVM. CoreOS CL didn’t but maybe with the migration to FCOS it has been introduced back? Somebody who can help me with this question?

Yes. KVM is just a kernel module which is included in FCOS by default.

KVM is included in FCOS by default??? If I run lsmod I don’t see any KVM!

Kernel modules are loaded on demand. Try:
find /usr/lib/modules/* -name 'kvm*'


[core@localhost ~]$ ls -l /dev/kvm 
crw-rw-rw-. 1 root kvm 10, 232 May 19 21:24 /dev/kvm

If you don’t see it on your machines then you may be running in an environment that doesn’t allow nested virtualization.