Does Brazil have only one mirror?


Saw on the Home - MirrorManager that only UFPR is listed as a mirror. Is that correct?

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The map shows a few more… Fedora Mirrors Map


  • USP is totally outdated and shouldnt be shown on the map.
  • Instituto Federal de Educação is not mirroring either
  • Brisanet Internet is down too…

so, yes UFPR seems to be the only one (seems to operate 2 mirrors).


Oh thanks! I did not know about the map.
USP is a very big institution, UFPR is Federal university, IFES I’m not sure how big it is. Educational institutions (federal universities etc) are common to be Linux mirrors, but Brisanet is an regional ISP for the Nordeste region, as far as I could search. Strange a ISP, at least here, serve as Linux mirror.

I think it’s quite common for both universities and ISPs to be mirror hoster.

You could try to get in touch with USP and see if you find the right person that can start syncing their mirror again…?!

ISPs here, I’m not aware. Usually are private Universities, Federal Universities, big private companies.
I’m tempted but not sure if I should send an email for those 3, since I’m not someone from Fedora, I’m just a rando :slight_smile:

Index of /fedora/fedora

Just checking and seeing that they on the map are not up to date. The example above just shows version till F37

So i guess you have to stick with de only one fedora-mirrors is offering or checking other countries.
I had quite fast download from columbia FCIX Micro Mirror right now.

Yay! Linorg USP answered and they will do the adjustments for re-syncing the mirrors.

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