Does anyone have experience installing DCS: World (standalone) on Fedora?


Recently, I have been trying to install DCS: World (Digital Combat Simulator: World) onto Fedora 35.

I am trying to install the standalone (non-Steam) edition. The version I am installing is not the Dedicated Server version.

DCS: World requires a compatability layer to run.

All the tutorials I could find were for Ubuntu/Ubuntu-based distros. As I am fairly new and inexperienced with Fedora and GNU/Linux as a whole, I wasn’t able to translate all the commands to Fedora and therefore could not properly install the simulator.

Any help is greatly appreciated.


Using Steam from Flatpak (maybe also from rpmfusion as well) is probably the easiest as it manages the compatibility runtimes for you.

You can also try Lutris as a game manager; there is an install script on their site.

If you want to do everything manually, you will probably have to ask more specific questions, as there may not be anyone who has tried this yet.

Just an FYI
Steam, installed from rpmfusion does seem to have the ability to install standalone games that may be able to run under steam. I have not checked anywhere to see if DCS:World has been tested successfully, but this is one option that might be worth looking into.
In fact, I just checked on steam and found DCS:World is there and free to play.


Thank you both for the tips.

ComputerSavvy, so I suppose that would mean DCS Standalone under Proton compatibility rather than WINE? Also yes, I used to play DCS on Steam but I’m moving to standalone since A. Multiplayer compatability with other Standalone users. B. Steam takes a 30% cut on payed DLCs, so standalone DLCs would better support the devs. C. As you know, there’s R/W bugs on Steam for me with that particular drive. I could put it on a ‘Steam-compatible’ HDD but performance would be lackluster (this flight sim benefits MASSIVELY from fast storage).

Elliott, thanks for the script. Since the Ubuntu tutorials were using Lutris, I could possibly use that script alongside the tutorials and hope for success.