Does anyone find the "Active" menu item (formerly "Top") useful?

At the top of each topic list, there are “Latest” and “Active” menu items.

“Latest” is “topics with recent posts”

“Active” is “most active topics in the last year, month, week, or day”. This was called “Top”, but I renamed it because that seemed confusing with “Top-Voted” also there.

But now I’m thinking … it it really useful at all to most people, or it just extra clutter? (If we removed it, the view would still be available through the ☰ hamburger menu at the top right of the page.)


Never paid attention to those, never clicked on either of the two.

“Latest” is actually the only way I view the forum. On a forum with low to moderate post volume it is far easier to just read through all the posts than go in and out of the categories.

“Active” seems totally useless to me on a forum like this one. I think it makes more sense on a social discussion forum than a technical one.

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Anyone have any particularly strong feelings in favor of keeping it?

Active and Latest seems kind of duplicates to me.

I also prefer Latest over Active as it is.

I have never used it, I suggest to move it to the hamburger menu. For me it’s great to remove unnecessary thing out of view to get faster what somebody needs.

Thanks all. I’m going to go ahead and hide it. I’d do it immediately but this is a complication How to re-order (or hide) "Votes" and "My Votes" top menu list items? - #10 by mattdm - support - Discourse Meta
so I need a few uniterupted minutes to sit down and do it right. :slight_smile:

This is done – no more “Top” or “Active” in the top menu, but you can find “Active” in the ☰ menu to the left of your user icon at the very top right if you want it. (This can be useful for discovering “post of the year” or similar.)