Docs update article for Fedora Magazine

A few meetings ago, I offered to draft a CommBlog post about the /latest URL for @darknao. But as I was thinking about it, I realized that

  1. There’s a lot more we should tell people about
  2. We should publish in Fedora Magazine, which is user-facing, instead of CommBlog, which is contributor-facing.

So I just finished a draft on HackMD. Comments welcome. If it’s settled by Monday morning, we can submit it to the Magazine editors for publication.

(I’m happy to have it run under @darknao’s name, or perhaps several of us. I’m not greedy with credit, so however we want to handle that is fine with me)


As documented here, I think the last link should have ?web-instance[] appended.

Just my 2¢.

I’m not entirely sure I agree that should be our default for presenting Matrix links, but in this particular context, I think it makes sense. I updated the draft. Thanks!

A nice text. But it wouldn’t be me if I could resist making suggestions. :slight_smile:

I’d be disappointed if you didn’t. :smiley:

I incorporated your edits to the description of the content rework with minor edits. Mostly I shortened sentences and tweaked a little bit of phrasing.

I’m not going to break the section into two as you proposed because it’s a bit of an implementation detail from the readers perspective, and (largely, to be honest) because it would make the Outreachy section a little short to justfy having it’s own H2.

That’s a strong argument in its own. I should have seen it, too, as I wrote the text.