Docs team page update

As discussed at last IRC meeting I updated the team page. I just used the web interface.

As expected, I can’t actually merge a commit. So, please, would someone with the required privileges initiate the merge.

I’m wondering if the naming of the repo is so smart. It takes a partial aspect for the whole. Not very meaningful and self-descriptive.

And I wonder why parts like Contributor Guide and Adoc Guide are out of the ROOT context. What sense does that make?

@darknao How did you manage to retain your username without an appended auto-number?
I tried to edit my profile → account → Change username, but it complained there already is a user pboy. But there isn’t in the fedora group.

Usernames are global to, not just Fedora namespace.
If someone else, even outside of Fedora, has already taken the one you’re requesting, then you have no choice but to use something else.

Oh dear, I had firmly assumed that we are carefully isolated from the general gitlab space and of course have a separate namespace.

Thanks, I’ll come up with something else. But I hate this numbering abysmally.