Docs Team meeting on Wed Nov 29 cancelled - unless someone steps up with a topic

As the title says, the meeting is cancelled unless someone steps up with a topic and organizes the meeting.

The same is true for the meetings in the next weeks. See This way of working is not acceptable to me

I believe we have a few topics that need sense check rather than a decision making.

Urgent topics

  • Podcast: Are you joining? Do you want me to come along or not? Just in case you want to review talking points, find my draft here.
  • Writing workshop: you did the demo last time. Can I do it this time about Quick Docs technical review? I have two files for demo and edit on the go.
    – Code sample syntax: Copy and paste markup
    – Installation process with ARM installer: detailed procedure
  • Weekly meeting: do you have any tasks you want to hand over to me and follow up?
  • Onboarding: I will continue to be around in the Matrix Docs room and watch Fedora-Join.

Other topics

  • I want to learn more about release note and how to contribute. I can reach out to @pbokoc

If you want to speak with me, DM to me.