Docs move to Discussion from mailing list

Yes, I know that. But until recently I could push to, nevertheless. I’ll can’t do that in the future. And I’m wondering how all those described functionality in gitlab will result in extended and improved documentation. Or put another way: Our documentation problem is certainly not because a function is missing in

Or, Docs has apparently decided to close the mailing list completely and not distribute anything via the mailing list anymore. Instead of a spartan but highly efficient tool, we now have bells and whistles, lots of clicking and a pretty interface. But has a single page of documentation been improved or updated because of this?

It’s all really nice and stimulating here and a very good job done! However, in the end, the real problems are not solved. It feels a bit like time and energy is invested in the wrong place.

(and thanks for your commitment here!)


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I agree with you, changing the tooling is not solving any problem, but it’s a necessary update.

I think once we move from old tooling to new, we can start working in the real problems again.

Regarding ML, I remember there is a post explaining how you can interact with discussion via email, I know it’s a problem to configure, but hopefully it will be a “do once and forget”.

I think we should continue driving our efforts to the right place while the tooling people work on the tooling how they see fit best.

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Well, as the adage goes, hope dies last.

For example, I miss a plan for what the beautiful tools will be used for in the next x months, that is, what docs want to work on and achieve. I had described some possible goals about 1 year ago. But no one picked up on that. However, I also have the impression that there was no work plan for the last 12 months either (besides tools).

It may also be that the plan is, not to have a plan at all. Instead, perhaps an Open Space that anyone who can think of something to document can fill. Reliance on swarm intelligence, so to speak. But even if the plan is, not to have plan, we need a plan, how to do without a plan. E.g. this would have to be clearly described and the tooling adapted, i.e. commit privileges for each FAS account as with the wikis. And we should then stop pretending that there were a plan. E.g. decommissioning of the installation and administration guide, which we have been carrying over from release to release for years, almost without any updates and adjustments. Single chapters can be distributed over quick docs, which is already a loose and eclectic collection of different quality and actuality.