Docs migration from wiki

I saw Eduard’s post about bringing the Marketing Team back. I’d be glad to take the task of moving from the wiki to Docs, as I’ve been doing a lot of that lately anyway.


@bcotton Thanks!

Our current and more important document is the main Marketing page but as you can see, it’s more than outdated, it’s almost ancient. It has a list of SOPs that aren’t being used and a lot of tasks recommendation that I’m not sure we will cover in the revamp (is this still the word we are using?)

Maybe you can create the docs with the description and communication channels?

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TBH, start new docs is still confusing to me, I can work easily with edition, but creating from scratch is still mystical to me.

Sounds like a great starting point. Once we have a space on GitLab, I’ll create a docs repo and start the process.

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We have the space in GitLab now!

Excellent! I requested access so I can create the repo. I’m not sure if that goes to you or infra or /dev/null. I’m not sure if Fedora Accounts group membership is synced, but it appears not.

Well, It’s not on me, I didn’t have access to the users part of the project. It probably went to Infra

Look! I was wrong, I have permissions! It was in a different place! Now your access should have been granted!

Can you make me a maintainer on the Marketing team? Without that, I can’t finish setting up the repo, apparently.


The main page is now in GitLab. I just pushed a commit to the docs config, so the page should be live at after the next build (1–2 hours from now).

I put some stuff that I wasn’t sure about into a holding pen page for review.

In my opinion, we shouldn’t bother porting the resources and SOPs at this point. We should add new content as we decide we need it (possibly by starting from the old content, possibly by starting from scratch).

Once we’re happy with the front page, I’ll redirect the main marketing page and add a link to the Mindshare teams page so that people can find it.

Great! Thanks so much! I’m agreed with the add content as needed. I’ll review it later today.

It looks amazing!

Thanks so much!

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