Docs meeting agenda: 2023-01-11

Here’s the agenda for the meeting 2023-01-11T19:30:00Z in #fedora-meeting-1:

  • Announcements
  • Action item followup
  • Tickets review: 6 tickets are currently flagged for the meeting on GitLab
  • Quick docs update
  • Your topics here!
  • Open floor

As discussed today, I have contacted fpgm and infra regarding the “Fedora Accounts Documentation” repo. The result is to transfer the repository to infra and/or join. Nirik (Kevin) will take care of this.

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Minutes and full logs are available.


This meeting was mostly about tickets review. Quick docs update was postponed to the next week.


  • pboy will contact infra about the Fedora account documentation repo. [done]

#521 Finding and installing Linux applications is almost ready before PR to Pagure.

What’s the recommended practice to insert image?
I see a folder that keep images. How can I do that?

I understand screenshots get quickly out of date, but documenting UI without screenshots is hard.
Principle: One image per desktop environment (GNOME and KDE) and add description



Yes, you can just put the image(s) into the folder modules/ROOT/assets/images

Your reference them in the .adoc

some text
followup text

I consider whether we should use a subdir for each article, using e.g. a shortened title as directory name. For an article, “Finding and installing Linux applications”, maybe a subdir name “finding-linux-apps” (all lower case). You would reference that as

some text
followup text

At least that is what i use for our Fedora Server Edition documentation.

I see that clear as day. Will give a shot!

Featured software on the screenshots I took is as follows.

GNOME Desktop

  • Déjà Dup backups
  • Blender

KDE Plasma

  • Krita
  • Development category
  • Wireshark

If you think there are better options, please let me know.
For testing graphical software manager, I used the following Labs for three weeks.

  • Python classroom
  • Scientific

I’ve written up with images. I struggle with PR. Can you have a look at the draft and help PR if I send it to you by mail?

Of course, I can and will do.

@pboy sent a draft to your Fedora email address.

Yes, I saw it in the mail, and wanted to check it immediately. But on my Mac, the local authorizing doesn’t work anymore at all. After a Docker update, Docker doesn’t start anymore. Its update program is too dumb to check if the active OS version is working for the Docker Update. Mine isn’t at the moment. I’ve to update macOS first. And to be able to work with the new UI and the builder script, I’ve to reorganize my working environment, probably put the repo on one of my Fedora servers and edit the files via NFS, look at the preview via proxy, execute the build via ssh, etc.

I guess I need until weekend before I can work on anything regarding docs again. It’s not really complicate but a lot of steps to do.

Okay. I’ll then move on to two other issue tickets to write up

As a side, your workflow appeared server workload, which is centered around a single platform to connect Fedora servers for work, I believe.

Why not use a spare laptop for native Fedora experience with Docs?

I simply don’t have one. :slight_smile:
But more importantly, I need my genius loci. And all my notes, translation programs, etc, I have on my Macs (an iMac and a MacBook). So it’s easier and more comfortable for me to set up a remote connection. And today’s Gnome is far too restrictive and unsuitable for my work routines. That’s why with the release of Gnome 3 I switched away from Fedora Desktop as my main working device to Mac.

Sounds good to me.

Thanks to QuickDocs, after a long, soul-searching quest for graphical interface, I’m finally (not the last) reconciled with KDE Plasma. This intrigued me to write about how to change desktop environment. A plenty of choice is overwhelming at first, but I quickly realized I need to settle in somewhere in the sea of options.