Docs meeting agenda: 2022-06-22

Here’s the agenda for the meeting 2022-06-22T18:30:00Z . No unhandled issues are tagged for the meeting.

  • Announcements
  • Previous action items
    • @pbokoc to finally add a relnotes guide to the contributor docs
    • @bcotton to draft Docs Team Charter
    • @darknao to configure remaining repos in GitLib for CI
  • TBD

I’ve been dealing with hospice care for my father, so I haven’t had much time to think about anything docs-related in the past week. Does anyone have pressing topics?

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Nothing pressing. But @jflory7 mentioned that some support for migrating DEI Docs to GitLab would be appreciated.

Issue #225: Update FWD -> Fedora Week of Diversity in DEI docs - fedora-diversity - :

Shall someone else take up the moderation tomorrow? So that you can focus more important things.

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If I overlook the discussion during the last days, I would propose

  • Contributors guide rough draft
  • How to proceed to develop contributors guide / team page
  • style guide proposal

Regarding DEI pages: Isn’t that a matter of the DEI team?

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Of course it is. The question is only if they can get support for the migration :wink: So their migration is not a dedicated topic for the Docs meeting. Just finding out if someone can support them. Maybe @jflory7 can indicate what type of support they need?

I maybe caused a misunderstanding: I just added the link because Justin mentioned this point in that ticket. The pagure ticket/issue in general is not related to Docs.

Thanks. I was afraid there were even more responsibilities waiting for us and our tight resources. And one more challenge that we would have to organize and overcome.

I would also add the old-docs topic to that list.

We already have a ticket to track this here: Issue #183: Decision time: drop old docs? - docs-fp-o -

Hey folks. My father passed away last night. I won’t be available to lead today’s meeting, nor next week’s most likely. I’ll be out of the office today and much of next week.

Yes, I would like to create a kind of archive page as part of our team page to document where to find those old docs. Some of these old docs seems to be useful after an update (and spares the effort of creating a complete new doc).

I think I need about 2 weeks after we have a stg branch ready.

At the end, we should completely remove the old docs web in docs.fp.o tree and also remove the link from our landing page, but retain the repos and pdf files.

@bcotton I wish you and your family all the best for the coming weeks.

Darknao and me will be able to manage the meetings. We have already practiced.

My heartfelt sympathy to you and yours.

All the best to you for this time. Take the time you need.

Minutes and full logs are available on Meetbot.


  • We will introduce a “feature branch” for our team page / Contributors Guide to develop an improved and expanded version.
  • We use the GitLab generated preview for the first development and discussion of contributor pages.
  • @pboy will set up an updated basic framework (annotated table of contents) for the team pages.
  • @heidal[m] to write a draft about usage of GitLab web IDE for content contribution.
  • @mateusrc will review the style guide proposal
  • Agreed: We will improve the current asciidoc page with an elaborated coding style guide following a website team proposal.

Action items

  • @pbokoc to finally add a relnotes guide to the contributor docs
  • @bcotton to draft Docs Team Charter
  • @darknao continue to configure the remaining repos in GitLib for CI
  • @pboy create an improved framework for team pages and contributor guide
  • @mateusrodcosta review style guide proposal
  • @heidal to write a draft about usage of GitLab web IDE for content contribution.

A closing note and appeal

It would be really helpful if we all used a constant IRC nick name that is identical or at least very similar to the nick name here on discussion as well as matrix. And maybe a nick that is easy to type and not long. This would greatly simplify and improve the comprehensibility of arguments and plans over the months.

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Sorry to confuse meetbot :slight_smile: not addressing .hello FAS name
Will use my FAS account name in Fedora chat.
@heidal is @hankuoffroad, which is FAS account name.

I used heidal only once in Fedora Social Hour for others to call me with ease.

Re. the above action item for me (@hankuoffroad), I guess I am editing ‘Contributing to existing documentation.adoc’ and later commit changes, if I’m not mistaken.

The .adoc file is under project ‘Documentation Contributors Guide’ (Project ID: 37236150).

Or do I merge request for a new adoc?

Before I make progress on draft and paste it onto Web IDE, I want to be clear about the workflow. As you might recall, a journey to first commit is intimidating.

Thanks. And sorry, I didn’t mean to sound know-it-all. There are several participants using different nicks. In long-running discussions, this is confusing.

Yes, although I rather think we should split the page, it will be too long otherwise. Then there would be a separate new page, with a title “Using the GitLab web IDE” or something like that (i.e. a new adoc).

Unfortunately, I haven’t gotten around to creating a feature branch and posting my suggestions for an expanded outline. I hope to be able to do that in the next 2 days.

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Right then, I’ll put together a draft this week.

Could you send me the link for the feature branch for a separate new page, with a title “Using the GitLab web IDE”? i presume I’ll be notified in gitlab. Thanks.