Docs meeting agenda 2022-03-02

Here’s the agenda for the meeting on 2022-03-02T18:30:00Z. Anything else to add? Nothing is currently tagged for the meeting.

  • Announcements
  • Previous action items
    • pbokoc was to cherry-pick antora 3.0 changes in relnotes/install guide/sysadmin guide
    • bcotton was to post ideas for decision-making to a Discussion thread
  • Content plan
  • Open floor

I don’t have the capacity for more meetings right now, but I shared feedback in the content plan thread, as well as other docs-related threads I was behind on. Hope this helps, curious to hear how the meeting discussion goes.

Maybe we can spend a few minutes to do some kind of backlog refinement? There are a lot of old issues in the main repo that may no longer be relevant anymore, duplicates, or just need more context.

I’m very much in favor of this. It is indeed an urgent task. On the other hand, when we start that discussion, we might exceed “a few minutes” very soon and displace everything else. It is definitely a topic worth its own complete meeting.

Wouldn’t it be more efficient to prepare this item in a discussion thread and set it as the main item of the next meeting? I have several ideas about this and could contribute them in a thread. And presumably you also have ideas about how to deal with which tickets and could start a preparatory thread?

Yes! We definitely need to clean up our backlog, but I agree that it’s not going to be a quick subject. I’d be in favor of waiting until the 9 March meeting. (And spoiler alert: I have jury duty that day, so I’m unlikely to be able to attend. Maybe @darknao would want to chair it?)

As an agenda topic, from the CentOS side of things maybe a few minutes to discuss what should be done about content?

With and it might be time to do a thorough review of what’s on the wiki and what should be migrated, archived, updated, etc.

The minutes and logs from today’s meeting are available.


  • Let’s collect additional ideas and detail parts of the umbrella plan, with an emphasis on overlapping areas between Fedora/CentOS where possible
  • There’s interest in a CentOS Wiki Docsfest

Action items

  • @pbokoc to cherry-pick antora 3.0 changes for Install Guide and Sysadmin Guide

Help wanted

  • We need a volunteer to chair next week’s meeting