Docs local preview with Toolbox

Can Silverblue users build a local preview with toolbox container?
I’m exploring workflow for offline editing of Docs, which is suitable for long documentation and using templates.

Edit: Sorted. and in existing Docs repository runs as a program in Silverblue.

Screenshot from 2022-08-19 21-03-10

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Correction: The build and preview script (./ && ./ works fine without going inside Toolbox container. After running the script, the command line shows the following message, which is self-explanatory.

This build script is using Podman to run the build in an isolated environment.

I used this guide.

Toolbox is itself based on podman, and I assume the issue within toolbox is that even if you would install podman within, the lack of a dedicated systemd process would make it impossible to run podman within toolbox (but I do not know for sure if this issue can be bypassed by some means).

Finally, if you want to use the scripts in toolbox, you would need to remove the containerization from the scripts because it would be already everything within a container. If you put everything in a toolbox, you finally need only the asciidoc page generation & the web server to provide the preview of production-like pages. I have not checked the scripts myself but I could imagine that finally what you need to do is only remove some parts of the scripts (that’s just a guess!).

However, is there a reason why you want to use toolbox instead of podman?

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Thanks for your note. No, there was no need to run podman within toolbox. I wasn’t sure how to run the scripts with Silverblue. I wouldn’t tinker with the scripts because all I need is to build the site for preview and edit files with a focus on writing and refining them before git commit.

As an afterthought, I’m aware Podman comes with Fedora workstation as default, so there was no need to install or overlay packages or use toolbox.

I now realize this thread title may be confusing to other readers because at the time of writing, I had no idea of how to check what base packages comes with fresh installation of Silverblue base system, and what should (and what shouldn’t) be going to Toolbox.

My note here after a few months of silence is to update my knowledge gap.

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