Do we need to add a FAQ section to our contribution guide!

Maybe, it is time to collect the various upcoming question about (technical) details of contribution into a new FAQ section?

Good candidates for now are:

Multiple page-aliases definitions (We’ll need a lot of them when we continue to update our documentation)

How to construct a cross-document xref in Fedora docs (eg. starting with fedora:)

Rule where to place images (/ROOT/assets/images instead of /ROOT/images of pages/_images)

Rule where to place partials (currently, there are several locations in use: ROOT/partials/, /ROOT/_partials, /ROOT/page/_partials, etc)

Content of the meta data below the “=TITLE” line

Just to name a few. Some weeks ago we had a short discussion about FAQ, there might be additional candidates.


A long time ago, I wrote some guidance on this and put it on the page below. It looks like it was expanded since I saw it last:

Oh, I should have studied our own docs more carefully. We have it already, at least most of if. Thanks for the info. :slight_smile:

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How about updating README file on project, which writers can reference everytime they come to repo to clone or check issue tickets?

README appeared to be underutilized piece of information. We can tailor project-specific content right there.