Do we have any tool for route planning?

To be clear, I’m talking about map routing as in Google maps or OpenStreetmap, not as in ip route …

Is there any good program to plan a route that runs locally on a Fedora desktop? It appears that viking has some support, but it seems to rely on internet services no longer available.

I would have preferred something that could do the route calculation completely locally, and store the result locally. If not available, my second choice would be something that used some internet service, but stored and managed the plans on local files. Something maybe viking once did.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

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I do not know if this overview give you some useful input:

Software/Desktop - OpenStreetMap Wiki

Viking is listed too.

That was a more complete table than I had found in my own googling. Thanks for the tip, I’ll take a closer look and see what I can find.

I’m not an expert and only have ~3 days experience, but I’ve been using QGIS for displaying off-street trails by importing gpx files from workout monitors. QGIS also uses available street maps, but I don’t know what routing functions exist as reflected by the ‘?’ in the chart linked above. I’m impressed with how mature and capable this mapping tool is, but its documentation hasn’t caught up with its latest 3.0+ version. The interface has become more intuitive than the 2.+ documentation, so 2.+ features and functions previously buried in several layers of menus may now be more visible.

Since this topic is not a request for OS support, you may be asked to resume it elsewhere.

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