Do I need root password if I have sudo privileges?

My root password is not what I think it was… I do have sudo privileges…
I see I can reset it by following the instructions in here, but my question is… is it really required or can I live with sudo


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You can live happily with sudo. The recommendation is to “lock” the root account by removing its password.


You can do this, but personally I never use sudo, nor do I allow any users on my systems to do so. It’s too easy to run admin/root commands and as you will know to do this without knowing exactly what you are doing is a recipe for disaster.

If I find myself needing to do something as root, then I use su and log on as root, or preferably use a separate terminal (Ctrl-Alt-F2 or whatever).


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If you only need to run run one command as root, su -c will let you do that without leaving you running as root.

There are situations where sudo or su can be preferred. Additional suggested reading: