DNS Issue On Ethernet

I woke up one morning a few days ago with no Internet via ethernet. I can ping the router, and I can ping sites by IP, but I cannot ping sites by name. I can ping (Google’s DNS), but when I manually change my DNS to that in settings, I still have no DNS. All of the devices on wireless from the same mesh router have no problem, but my ethernet desktop cannot ping by name. I also tried the main cable router, with the same behavior. Does anyone have a clue what might have happened, or how to troubleshoot?

# HI. if the settings're really applied?
cat /etc/resolv.conf

does this happen only on Fedora clients (ethernet wired)? If not, the issue may not be related to Fedora but more a router or network issue.

Have you tried to turn everything off and on again?
(Everything includes your modem and all routers, and of course the clients that fail to do DNS).

Have you tried to set an alternative DNS server manually?

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