DNS and Ping Networking Broken Fedora 38

Actually, I didn’t know what dnsmasq did and I was following what others had given in other posts. Thanks for asking.

The solution is in your first post:

t looks like protonVPN left something behind here with its ipv6leak protection.


sudo nmcli con del pvpn-ipv6leak-protection.

It is intended to block IPv6 traffic because they do not support it via VPN, but it blocks DNS without active protonvpn.

Why do you type : dnsmasq? You do not need it and if you need it, it wants to listen on port 53 which can only be created as root user. Normally, systemd-resolved takes care of DNS, only if you do internet sharing, dnsmasq is started by NetworkManager to serve DNS on the interface which shares the internet.


Thank you @hmmsjan . That was the solution. I’m pretty new to this and I appreciate the help.