Dnfdragora not starting

After upgrading from fedora 31 to fedora 32 , dnfdragora did not work
First it started , but kept ‘looping’ in the search of the depositories.
I Stopped it, and thereafter it did not activate at all.

Problem seems to be an inconsistency in the config file dnfdragora.yaml file in the home directory. ( no info of last time executed? )
After removing the config file, a restartr was OK and dnfdragora is working OK.

This is only info for anyone who is interested, Fedora 32 is working excellent

Hi @phjvdmeij,

I’m totally concerned by the same problem after upgrading.
Did you try to run dnfdragora with your console so that logs could help.
here are my latest logs :
``` <M> [mga-qt-ui] YMGA_QCBTable.cc:74 YMGA_QCBTable(): Slection mode 2
Get root backend. Locked (False)
Get root backend. Locked (False)
Unexpected error: <class ‘KeyError’>
<M> [ui] YUILoader.cc:163 deleteUI(): Shutting down UI
<M> [ew] YExternalWidgets.cc:116 ~YExternalWidgetsTerminator(): Shutting down mga External Widgets
<M> [ew] YMGAWidgetExtensionFactory.cc:49 ~YMGAWidgetFactory(): Factory removed
[florent.thomas@localhost OCA-pos]$

Possible solution here : https://github.com/manatools/dnfdragora/issues/149

@phjvdmeij Maybe you could also try this one : https://github.com/manatools/dnfdragora/issues/152

thanks for the reaction, but for me the issue is closed, everything is working fine