Dnfdragora 2.1.0 startup issue on Fedora 34 rawhide

dnfdragora will not start the GUI often, until ~> dnfdragora --exit has been executed, please investigate


No! :sweat_smile:
YOU should investigate and report your investigations to the dnfdragora maintainers and/or upstream developers.

You are using Fedora Rawhide, so you should expect a long series of bugs and problems. Rawhide is not supposed to be stable and functional. By design.
Who uses Rawhide should be aware of that, and mainly they should be willing to experiment, report bugs and participate in its development on the road to the next stable release.


@alciregi I am aware of this fact that rawhide is not stable as a whole, but the dnfdragora app version number suggests it is at least “minor” release, so it should work quite stable… are you suggesting that app-specific issues should not be reported at all on fedora project forums?


:thinking: Maybe.
You know, a Linux distribution is a curated set of different packages bundled all together. Since Rawhide introduces an high set of changes at a fast pace, maybe the same package version working on a stable release, doesn’t work anymore on Rawhide, maybe due to the underlying libraries and dependencies.

And yes, maybe a forum like this is simply not the right place where to report and discuss issues related to Rawhide. Maybe it’s better to report issues on bugzilla, talking to package maintainers, writing to the upstream developers or to the development and QA mailing lists. You will have more chances to receive an answer and moreover you will help the development of the next Fedora release.


To clarify to everyone: the forums are primarily intended to support users running stable releases, which have gone through the QA process. Bugs are not to be reported here. We help users diagnose their issues and if they reveal bugs, these bugs must be filed on Bugzilla. Volunteers here on the forum do not take up issues and report bugs on others’ behalf—since the maintainer needs to be in touch with the person experiencing the issue, reporting bugs on others’ behalf does not work. Of course, if it’s a general issue that lots of users experience, it is likely that a community member (not necessarily on this forum) will have reported it already, else we will.

As the wiki pages documents, Rawhide is a development version. The only use case supported there is for testing to help track down bugs to ensure that the next Fedora release that will be based on it is already stable when its “branched”. Please remain active on the Fedora QA’s team’s channels to keep up with progress and issues on Rawhide.


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