Dnf vs yum in Fedora 31

To install the clickhouse database in Fedora 31, I followed its official installation instructions and run the code as below:

sudo yum install yum-utils
sudo rpm --import https://repo.yandex.ru/clickhouse/CLICKHOUSE-KEY.GPG
sudo yum-config-manager --add-repo https://repo.yandex.ru/clickhouse/rpm/stable/x86_64
sudo yum install clickhouse-server clickhouse-client

I kinda remember that I read somewhere that yum will be replaced by dnf in Fedora 31, why is this code still working in Fedora 31? If I install some software using sudo yum install, will it be different from sudo dnf install?

It won’t be any different. yum is just a symbolic link to dnf, for convenience in exactly those situations. But you’re still using dnf:

$ ls -l $(which yum)
lrwxrwxrwx. 1 root root 5 Dec  2 04:26 /usr/bin/yum -> dnf-3

It’s there as an alias, for the sake of compatibility and to ease the transition. But YUM is deprecated. When you type yum something is actually dnf what runs.

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:rofl: The transition happened in Fedora 22, feels like that train’s sailed by now. It’ll be FIVE YEARS next release. :wink: