Dnf upgrade, see packet info before update/upgrade

When i type dnf upgrade i get this:

sudo dnf upgrade
Last metadata expiration check: 1:08:58 ago on Tue 16 Feb 2021 07:51:38 AM -03.
Dependencies resolved.
 Package                    Architecture           Version                        Repository               Size
 libibumad                  x86_64                 33.0-2.fc32                    updates                  26 k
 libibverbs                 x86_64                 33.0-2.fc32                    updates                 338 k
 librdmacm                  x86_64                 33.0-2.fc32                    updates                  72 k
 rdma-core                  x86_64                 33.0-2.fc32                    updates                  56 k

Transaction Summary
Upgrade  4 Packages

Total download size: 492 k
Is this ok [y/N]: 

if i want to see a packet info i do dnf info rdma-core for example.

But if i like to see the info of all four packages is there a way to do so?
(at least to get a short description to see to what the packages belong)

sudo dnf info $(sudo dnf -q repoquery --upgrades)

See also: thofmann/freeopcua


that was fast, thanks


I am aware that @vgaetera 's post perfectly answers your question - I still would like to mention two dnf commands that are related and can be very useful in some situations:

See changelog(s) of packages with available updates:

sudo dnf check-update --changelogs

See type of update, related bugs, and a description of available updates:

sudo dnf updateinfo --info

For more, check out the docs: DNF Command Reference β€” dnf latest documentation


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