DNF update reports "Succeeded" and not "successful"

Fedora 38 - 6,6,8-100
When I ran the DNF update manuialy this morning, I noticed that the Transaction Test reported that “Transaction Test Succeeded”, the same was reported for the Download.
Succeeded does not always mean Successful.
Infact, succeeded can and often does mean that the Action was “Taken over” by another, As in a Throne gets Succeeded.
Is there a way I can double check this downlaod independantly , against the DNF repositiry . ?
Thanks again and Keep up the good work everyone…

I think that the choice of words does not change what DNF does.
If there are no errors then it has worked weather the word successful or succeeded is used.

Unless you suspect a bug in DNF there is no need to check against the repos.

You are more likely to encounter an issue where repos are not consistent between each other. Happens with Fedora repos and rpmfusion repos from time to time and not an issuse with DNF.

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Since longer I do use DNF5. I do not remember that there I get a lot of messages you have to worry about.

It just informs:

[3/3] Total                             100% |   4.9 MiB/s |  17.7 MiB |  00m04s
Running transaction

If it is done with success it just show you the prompt again.

If you want to test it just install it with sudo dnf install dnf5. To use it just type dnf5 instead dnf.

Thanks for your reply Barry - I suppose I do worry about the Security side of things. For instance, something “piggy backing” onto the Update command and installing other software…
Unfounded I am sure…and got to admit tpo closing the window to quickly, I’ll pay more attention to the next update and see.
Its just I am sure that it used to say Successful.
Thanks again. And Happy New Year

And Thanks to you also L,S.
That is interesting to know and I shall try that next time…
Many thanks and HAPPY NEW YEAR

All RPMs are signed and will not install if the keys you have do not verify the RPM is trusted by the keys.