Dnf update offers no updates for the past couple of weeks


I have a feeling that I am not getting any updates for my Fedora 31 installation. dnf update does not offer any updates apart from complaining that it cannot install both libdav1d-0.4.0 and libdav1d-0.5.2 (it would like to upgrade that but ffmpeg, vlc-core and HandBrake do not want to allow that). If I disable the updates repo, I get no suggestions.

The kernel I am running now is 5.3.16-300.fc31.x86_64, and I do not know if a more recent one has been published.

How can I make sure that the updates are working and how do I resolve the libdav1d issue?

Thank you.

I think it’s just been a slow few weeks here this holiday season. I too haven’t seen many updates. Kernel 5.3.16, as of now, is the current stable kernel, with an update to 5.4.5 currently in testing. You’ll probably see some new updates roll out as we enter into the new year.

As for the libdav1d issue. It sound similar to an issue I’m having with vlc and live555 on my machine (I likely am using some different repos, as I already have libdav1d-0.5.2 installed).
With third-party repos (and on occasion the main ones too), things sometimes get updated out-of-order, leaving some packages unable to actually update until others catch up.
What repos are you using? What versions of vlc and ffmpeg are currently installed? Have you tried manually reinstalling libdav1d?

Do you want fix fastly it? UnitedRPMs updates constantly its packages… I can write how to rebuild vlc or handbrake but isn’t task for human users…

Other option is open a bugzilla report in rpmfusion, and wait some days…

Happy New year 2020!

This is a known problem:


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