DNF times out during auto complete (can be reproduced)


Just upgraded to Fedora workstation 37 from 36 and I noticed an issue with auto complete for application names. It can be reproduced by partially entering the name of an application and pressing the Tab key to show app names.

To reproduce, type the dnf command to install software but do not type in the entire application name and press the Tab key. Wait for the alert notification and press Tab again to return app names that begin with ‘fire’

sudo dnf install fire<press Tab key>

Why does pressing the Tab key twice return the proper results instead of a single press?

If you type enough characters so there is only one possible way to complete the text, it will do so with one hit of the tab key. Otherwise you need to hit it a second time to get the list of possibilities.

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That is how readline (the library which is used for command line editing and completion) works. To show all matching results on the first tab press, put set show-all-if-ambiguous on to your ~/.inputrc file, or bind "set show-all-if-ambiguous on" to your ~/.bashrc file.